Our mission is to solve the world’s biggest security challenges: protecting our people, assets, and information in a world that is increasingly more volatile and less private_

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the gap

We bring leading builders and operators from the public and private sectors together with proven technologists to bridge the gap between frontier engineering, core business needs, and a growing, changing risk landscape.

A proven innovation framework

Our proven innovation framework develops targeted, intelligent, and scalable solutions that deliver real value to the world's leading security companies.


Our industry experts partner with technologists to challenge the status quo as we design for the future.


Product engineers and strategic experts from public, private and academic backgrounds are testing viability and scalability to make sure there’s a market fit.

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Outland combines decades of experience in the military, technology, security and intelligence space. We are located strategically around the world in New York, Houston and Tel Aviv.



We work with founders and entrepreneurs on concepts that challenge the status quo in the enterprise security domain.


Our teams focus on specific domains within the safety and security market, and work together to create a powerful and broad view of challenges.

Strategic Partnerships

We partner with many of the world’s experts on security technology, ensuring that entrepreneurs are building solutions for not just what is needed today, but for what will be needed in the future.

Economies of Scale

By strategically leveraging shared resources we are able to help companies more efficiently and quickly while ensuring that the solutions are architecturally sound and interoperable — this is one of the biggest needs in the security market today.

“We have incredible talent in the security industry. But the overlap between security leaders and technologists is slim, and generally only in cyber security applications. Today - as we all now see - there are new and extreme physical and operational security and safety risks, and we need new ways of thinking, including with software, AI and machine learning, to protect businesses and come out ahead.”

** Kenneth Senser, Retired SVP Global Security Walmart, Former Assistant Director FBI Security Division