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NAME: Adam Sager
ROLE: Founder, CEO

NAME: Grant Fisher
ROLE: Founder, CXO

NAME: Don Aviv
ROLE: Partner, GM Security Advisory & Evangelist

NAME: Boaz Amidor
ROLE: Partner, GM Outland R&D (Tel Aviv)

Outland Advisors

Ken Senser

Retired CSO, Walmart / Former CIA & Asst Dir FBI

Moshe Schneid

Former Chief Intelligence / Officer of the IDF (Brig Gen.)

David O’Connor

VP Security at Thermo Fisher / Former Ass. Director USSS

Steve Hughes

CSO Elliott Mgmt /Former SAIC USSS

Joe DeSalvo

CSO Blackstone / Former FBI SA

Doug Farber

CSO Millenium Mgmt / Former Technocal Security USSS

Richard A. Fisher

VP Global  Corporate Security, CB&I

Chiko Scozzafava

VP CSO, National Non-Profit. / Former USSS

Christian West

CEO AS Solutions / EP Expert

Charles Andrews

Global Security Advisor / ASIS International Board of Directors

Mike Howard

Retired CSO, Microsoft / Former CIA

Vincent Levien

CEO IGG / Goverment & Vatican Liasion

Scott Alswang

EVP SOS Security / Former AT-SAIC USSS

Yaron Zussman

General Manager, Magos America Inc

Tyler Sweatt

Managing Partner, Future Tense. / Director of Special Projects, Calypso AI

“Outland is headquartered in the US but core engineering is in Israel. Not only has Israel consistently produced some of the brightest, boundary-breaking engineering talents, it has done so in a culture of precision and directness, with a sense of urgency, and within a unique context of pervasive passion for security. This is the perfect place to build an R&D center bringing cutting edge technology.”

** Brig. Gen. (Res.) Moshe Schneid,
Former Chief Intelligence Officer of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF)